Welcome to Quality Health Medical Centre – English, Chinese and Korean speaking GP Doctors in Lidcombe


Attention: Thank you for your patience as we are still waiting for our telephone services to be repaired. This work is still in progress, but as of Thursday 13th February 2020, our regular main telephone number (02 9646 2828) is able to receive calls normally. We are told that the current solution is only temporary, and appreciate your continued patience if there are still problems, while we wait for our provider to continue working on them. At this stage, please DO NOT contact our previous temporary mobile number 0421 459 665 (either via phone call or SMS), as this service is switched off for now. If you would like to make an appointment online, please click on the link above. Thank you! (If you need medical assistance outside of medical hours, call 000 if it is an emergency or 8724 6300 for Sydney Medical Service after-hours care.)

Quality Health Medical Centre is a modern, family-friendly medical practice that offers quality, comprehensive health care services to the local community. Our vision is to provide compassionate, holistic health care to individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds. In particular, our doctors and staff are fluent in speaking English, Chinese and Korean.

We offer a contemporary medical setting that is fully accredited by the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL), yet still offers the values of the traditional family doctor, building long-term relationships to look after all your health needs.

We are also committed to using the profits to help those in need and are in the process of integrating this into our business structure.

Whatever your health issue, we aim to look after you in a welcoming, respectful and kind manner.