COVID-19 vaccines at Quality Health Medical Centre

ASTRAZENECA and PFIZER vaccines are now available at Quality Health Medical Centre. We are delivering COVID vaccines in accordance with the National COVID-19 vaccination rollout eligibility criteria.

  • For AstraZeneca vaccines, we are administering to all adults 18 years and over, with or without Medicare cards. Please call our practice on (02) 9646 2828 if you are interested.
  • For Pfizer vaccines, we are administering to all individuals 12-59 years old, with or without Medicare cards. For individuals who do not have Medicare, we cannot bill for this service itself, as per the government’s instructions. Due to the current limited availability of appointments, we are currently only providing COVID vaccines to “non-Medicare” patients as an add-on service to another consultation – this can be for a general check-up, dealing with any acute or chronic issue, or any other regular consultation. This consultation can be billed to your private health insurance provider if you have one, or you can pay privately (our standard consultation cost is $40). For more information, see this website.

If you are interested in BOOKING a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, please FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS below:

  1. Ensure you are currently eligible for a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine:
    1. If you are 12-59 years old, you are eligible for a Pfizer vaccine.
    2. If you are 60 years old or older, you are currently eligible for an AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine only. An exception applies if you are employed in residential aged care (you are eligible for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccinations), or if you have certain rare medical conditions – if you would like to find out more about these rare conditions, please go to this website. Please call (02) 9646 2828 if you would like to book an appointment.
  2. Send an email to this address:,
    with one of the following options:
    1. FIRST OPTION (fastest way to get a booking): Please download this form (it is a fillable PDF, so you may have to open it in certain smartphone apps or on a PC to fill it in and save), complete all the details, save and attach it to your email before sending. If all your information meets our booking criteria, we will aim to respond within 3 working days and organise an appointment for you as quickly as possible.
    2. SECOND OPTION (as fast as above): If you have difficulties with the form, copy the text below (bottom of page) into your email, type all your responses in, and send it back to us. As above, we will aim to respond within 3 working days with an appointment time.
    3. THIRD OPTION: If you feel you are not able to provide all of the requested information (or you have other language or technical difficulties), please send an email with your full name, date of birth, Medicare card/line number and mobile phone number. One of our doctors will call you within 3 working days to discuss your situation and organise a vaccine appointment.
  3. Please monitor your email inbox (including your spam inbox) regularly so that we can keep in touch with you and seek your confirmation, as we may also send further reminders closer to your appointment date.
  4. If you are provided with an appointment for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination, please keep the following things in mind:
    1. All patients are requested to provide a negative COVID test result from the 3 days before their vaccine appointment date, in order to receive their vaccination. This provides additional safety for patients and staff, given the potentially high turnover of patients with vaccination.
      1. If you are not able to get a negative COVID test within 3 days of your appointment, we can still administer the vaccine, but this would be just outside the practice or in a nearby car (to maximise protection to other staff/patients entering the premises).
    2. Please DO NOT ATTEND your appointment if you are unwell on the day – if this occurs, please inform us and seek the appropriate medical care (either via telehealth or attending hospital if necessary). Please be assured that we will have backup appointments available for this situation, and you will be provided with one within 1 week of your original date.
    3. Please ONLY BRING YOURSELF (and one parent/carer as appropriate) to the appointment. All patients who present WITHOUT an appointment (including family members, friends, etc.) will not be able to receive a vaccine, as we have strict limits in our supplies and preparation requirements.


First name ———
Surname ———
Date of birth ———
Gender ———
Full address ———
Mobile phone number (or landline number, if no mobile) ———
Email address ———
Medicare card number AND your individual line number ———
Medicare card expiry date ———
Have you attended our practice as a patient before? ———
Have you had a COVID-19 vaccine yet? If so, which brand and on what date? Any specific requests? ———
Do you work in aged care? (If you are 60 years old or over, please bring evidence) ———
Do you have any serious allergies, particularly anaphylaxis, to ANYTHING? ———
Have you previously had an allergic or anaphylactic reaction after being vaccinated? ———
Do you have a mast cell disorder (a rare immune/blood disorder)? ———
Do you have a bleeding disorder, platelet disorder or a clot? ———
Do you take any medicine to thin your blood (anticoagulant therapy)? ———
Do you have a weakened immune system (are you “immunocompromised”)? ———
Are you trying to fall pregnant, currently pregnant or breastfeeding? ———
Do you have or have you ever had any form of heart disease? If so, what condition and when? ———
Have you had COVID-19 before? If so, when? ———
Do you have any specific preferences for your Pfizer COVID vaccination appointment time? (eg. morning, afternoon, certain day of week) ———
Do you have any questions for which you would like a doctor to call you about, before an appointment is made? ———
Do you have any other specific comments or requests? ———