Booking online

If you are booking a TELEHEALTH (telephone or video) CONSULTATION ONLY, please

If you feel you require a face-to-face consultation:

  • For vaccines* or routine (6wk/4mth/6mth/ 12mth/18mth/4yr) childhood checkup, please call our practice on (02) 9646 2828 to organise an appointment.
    • *For information on COVID vaccines (including Pfizer vaccines), please click here.
  • For other NON-URGENT issues, please book a telehealth consultation as above – our doctors will call you and discuss your issue, and organise a way to be seen face-to-face when clinically necessary and safe.
  • If you are UNSURE or are concerned your issue is more URGENT, please call the practice on (02) 9646 2828 and speak with our receptionist.
  • Please note that due to the current changing COVID outbreak, there may be specific issues that your preferred doctor cannot directly help you with, and we may suggest seeing another doctor within our practice or an alternative solution.
  • For an EMERGENCY, please call 000 for immediate assistance or attend your nearest Emergency department.

If calling the practice on (02) 9646 2828, we apologise for the potentially long wait, as our phone lines are experiencing a higher call volume than usual. If a face-to-face consultation is arranged for you, please arrive at the medical centre and wait to speak to the receptionist OUTSIDE the front door. Once you have spoken to the receptionist, you will then be asked to wait outside or in your car. The doctor will call you (this will most likely be from a private number or “No caller ID”) and discuss your issue first, and then determine how to safely proceed. Thank you for keeping everyone safe in this outbreak!

*Update 04/09/2021: PFIZER COVID vaccines will be available from 13th September 2021. Please click HERE for more information on how to book.